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W​Welcome to EcoGranite's F.A.Q. page. If you have any questions that are not answered here please use our contact page to contact us. As always we look forward to hearing from our interested customers and helping you decide if our product is right for you.

What are EcoGranite products made from?  EcoGranite products are made of solid 100% natural stone. Unlike some so called natural stone products or green products none of our pavers are made of reconstituted material. 

Are EcoGranite Pavers Strong? Yes, very, very strong. In fact granite is made up of about 90% quartz and feldspars minerals and has a hardness of 6 or higher on the  Moh's scale of mineral hardness. To put that in perspective Talc is a 1 on the Moh's scale and Diamonds are a 10. These natural stone pavers can withstand pressures of between 15,000 and 18,000 psi. Poured concrete is usually around 5,000 psi and concrete brick pavers are usually around 8,000 psi. That makes our pavers three times stronger than a poured concrete driveway.

 How thick are the EcoGranite products? All the pavers are a nominal 1 1/4" thick. The veneer with split ends is a nominal 1/2" thick, Nominal 1 1/4" tall, and Random lengths up to 12". Veneer with straight ends is normally around 3/8"-1/2" thick but can vary in thickness as much as you want, height is a nominal 1 1/4" tall, random lengths up to 6-7". Large format veneers are nominally 1/2" thick, random lengths up to 12" and can be made any height needed up to about 5" tall.
Can EcoGranite pavers handle freeze thaw conditions and snow melting products?  Snow melting products will not harm the stone like they do concrete products, and granite pavers have been used the world over for centuries with no adverse effects from any freeze/thaw cycles.

 How are EcoGranite pavers installed? Installation is the same as almost any other paver, but the installation needs should be determined by a professional installer that is familar with the type of project being performed.  As anyone that has ever installed pavers or had them installed can tell you the final product is only as good as the base it's laid on.  For a patio or sidewalk we recommend at least 2-4" of compacted crushed concrete or stone covered with a high quality geo-fabric and then 3/8"-1" of paver base, stone dust, or similar bedding sand. For a driveway or anyplace that may be driven on once installed we recomend 8-14" of compacted crushed concrete or stone covered with a high quality geo-fabric and then 3/8"-1" of paver base, stone dust, or similar bedding sand. For best result we also recommend always using a premium polymeric sand in any paver project. 

How can EcoGranite thin stone veneer be installed? EcoGranite veneers can be installed over almost any sound non-glossy surface. Many times it can be installed over existing brick on a fireplace or directly over drywall.

 Can EcoGranite pavers be wet set? Yes, they have both been wet set indoors and out with much success. We do recommend however that if setting outdoors in a freeze/thaw climate you use a sand bed or a shear/cleavage membrane instead of cementing or adhering them directly to the substrate.

 Are EcoGranite pavers and tile slippery? No, for exterior applications we recommend laying the course, unpolished side up for traction. Inside you can lay the tile whatever way suits your taste.

 Will EcoGranite products fade after installation? No, these products are 100% natural stone and will not fade like concrete pavers. In fact many people have said as the stone weathers that it brings out the colors of the stone even more.

 Do EcoGranite products qualify for LEED points and are they Living Building Challenge Red List Free? Yes and Yes! All of our Veneer, Pavers, and Tile products are made from 100% solid stone and contain no added chemicals or byproducts and are L.B.C. certified Red List Free. Also due to the unique green 100% post consumer recycled nature of our products they can qualify for LEED points. To find out more you should talk to a accredited LEED professional or green building adviser about more specific points and ratings methods. 

 Does EcoGranite handle installations?   Almost anyone can install EcoGranite's products. (It's so easy even a 10 year old can do it.
WATCH IT HERE!) But if you do need help with your installation we can handle it from beginning to end no matter the scale of your project. EcoGranite is owned and operated by a knowledgeable Licensed Residential builder who can help with all your project needs. Call today to schedule an appointment!

  Can EcoGranite pavers be installed over existing or new concrete?  Yes they can! That is one thing that makes these pavers so great is the ability to go right over concrete. Want a new look for your porch no problem, at only 1 1/4" thick most of the time you can go right over your existing concrete slab as long as its in decent shape and the door will clear. You should attach the perimeter pavers with thin set or a suitable product and then set the rest of the pavers in about 3/8" of bedding sand.  We recommend installing some sort of shear or isolation membrane under the perimeter pavers so you do not get any transfer cracking in the pavers that are attached to the concrete. This is very important if the concrete has any cracks or expansion joints that will be covered. For best result we also recommend always using a premium polymeric sand in any paver project. 


 Frequently Asked Questions