Earth Blend

A montage of four dazzling colors.This combination of tans, greys, greens, and hints of wine make this one of our most versatile blends.

    Our thin stone veneers are an exclusive sampling of the most beautiful natural stones in the world compiled into complimentary blends. Each blend is hand made in color combinations only available from us. Our thin stone veneers are 100%  solid stone, Eco-friendly, LEED qualifying and like all our products certified Red List Free.  These veneers  are a beautiful alternative to everyday tiles or boring man made cultured stones.  They are handmade locally and created from leftover granite remnants making them earth friendly and sustainable. When granite is split it exposes the mica and quartz crystals that have been naturally built into the stones over millions of years. The stones can be used for backsplashes, fireplaces, islands, accent walls,and installed inside or outside. The design possibilities truly are limitless.

    Below you will find photos and descriptions of our standard color blends. It truly is time to make your space your own. With our 10 stock color combinations and the option of customizing your blend we guarantee you will find a color to inspire you and make your design come to life. All Veneer blends are available with split ends, rugged shadow stone with split ends, straight ends, shadow stone with straight ends, large format , or panels.

Platinum Blend
Named after the rare, precious, gray-white mineral. This blend is a collage of all different gray colors with shades of white and subtle black tones. This gray blend can be used to decorate any type of space, and can instantly revive a dull or outdated decor.

Moonlight Blend
Just as a moonlit night is charming and enjoyable, so is the Moonlight blend. It presents a beautiful sight that matches many different decors. It dazzles your eyes with speckled and glittering exposed quartz and soothes your heart with a combination of all light color stones that vary with subtle whites, beige, tans, creams and hints of coppers, wines, and golds.

Mountain Blend

Like individual works of art, mountains are made of all different types of stone. What nature has done with this palette of stone on the earth is both breathtaking and beautiful. These incredible natural rock formations were created slowly over billions of years using the hardest materials. Thankfully for us, nature is a patient artist! This blend brings all of that splendor to you with a full range of colors only made by nature.

Custom Blends

The options are truly endless when it comes to color combinations, styles, sizes, or type of stone. Contact us today to discuss your own custom blend.

Sunset Blend

Like the sun setting over the horizon of Lake Michigan the strongest of words do not begin to describe this soothing combination of colors. Copper, gold, orange, cream, and tan with hints of rust make this blend an instant classic.

Forest Blend

A blend of stones that is reminiscent of the lush canopy of of a wild forest. A combination of all green stones truly sets this blend apart.

Denali Blend

Named after the dark hues of granite that make up the highest mountain peak in North America, the Denali blend combines all of  the richest and darkest hues of stone available to make a breathtaking statement wherever it might be installed.

Sand Dune Blend

A clean and classic blend of beige, tan, and gold. A timeless color blend that compliments any decor in any room.

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Pictured Rocks Blend

A blend Inspired by the wild untamed beauty of the pictured rocks on the Lake Superior Lake Shore in northern Michigan. Tan, brown, wine, gold, and gray combine to make a breathtaking, bold statement that is sure to be just as beautiful in your project.


Midnight Blend

The Midnight blend much like its name hints, is a combination of the richest, deepest, darkest black colors mother nature has to offer. It has the most consistent color and texture of all color blends.