100% Natural Solid Stone Products

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What is Recycled Granite?

   The Recycled Granite process for our pavers, veneers, and aggregates never crushes and reforms the stone with chemicals or binders but instead the stone is sheared, split, or cut into new shapes exposing the beauty within that took billions of years to form. Simply put Recycled Granite products are 100% solid stone. The stone we use is sourced from local countertop shops. Up to 30-40% of a stone slab during countertop production is discarded as scrap and trucked to local landfills as waste. Remanufacturing this waste into new goods not only keeps this valuable resource out of our local landfills but also slows down the irreversible effects of mining more stone all over the world. Recycled Granite products not only are sustainably manufactured but they are also beautiful, stronger, and are VOC free unlike our man made counterparts.

"I want my kids to climb mountains, not landfills!"

*Magda Popp,

Co-owner EcoGranite