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Permeable Paving

 EcoGranite is proud to introduce a groundbreaking  paving product made from 100% recycled stone aggregate and a proprietary binder. This paving system can be used as a porous pavement allowing a large amount of water to pass through and be absorbed into the ground naturally or as a decorative coating over existing surfaces.

The benefits of this product are that it is highly permeable and allows large amounts of rain water to pass through into the ground while providing a hard wear surface. EcoGranite's permeable paving is very slip resistant yet it remains semi flexible allowing it to resist cracking and flaking even in the most extreme climates. The paving system is capable of withstanding low speed vehicle traffic but can also be used in many other applications such as pathways, sidewalks, patios, pool surrounds, porches, and trails. Our paving system can be made into pavers and installed over a permeable paver base, or it can be mixed on site and installed for a seamless installation. When installed seamless it usually cures within 24 hours allowing a very fast turn around with minimal down time.

Our paving system is available in our Moonlight Blend, Denali Blend, Earth Blend, or a custom color blend.  Use it as a stand alone paving system or in conjunction with our solid stone recycled granite pavers to make a project that will make a bold statement and stand the test of time.