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This multi depth veneer is produced in random lengths of up to 12" with split ends and a rugged random thickness.

Linear corner pieces

Thin stone veneer panels

Denali Blend split end shadow stone

Multi depth veneer options.

Multi Size Veneer Options

Midnight Blend thin stone veneer with straight ends

Straight end shadow stone

Custom corner pieces

Split End Veneer

Our linear corners can be used to make a transition, end your veneer run, or even to cover the edge of your cement board.  Linear corner pieces can be made almost any length or width to help with even the hardest design solutions.

Our Split end veneer is produced in random lengths up to 12" long and a nominal 1/2" thick with natural split ends to mimic the timeless look of stacked ledgestone.

Corner Options

All of our veneers are available in three sizes.  One two or three rows tall. It can be produced with split ends or straight ends and can even be combined in any percentage to make a custom blend.

Veneer Options

Our thin stone veneer is available in separate pieces or as panels. Both have their strong points. Separate pieces provide a seamless installation  and panels speed installation time. Both are available in any of our color blends. Our standard size panels are three pieces per SqFt and with a 25% offset install amazingly easy. Custom size panels are also available upon request.

Single and Double row veneer with split ends.

This  multi depth veneer is produced in random lengths up to 8". The thickness can be as varied as you desire. The veneer can be sheared as thin as 5/16" and as thick as 1-1/2". 

Aesthetically the best corner you can produce with the material you already have. It is best to overlap your pieces this way as not draw your eye directly to a long vertical line if you try to miter them.

Single row and Triple row veneer with straight ends

Moonlight Blend thin stone veneer with split ends.

Straight End Veneer

Solid one piece stone corners

Finger Jointed Corners

 Our Straight end veneer  is produced in random lengths up to 8" with straight cut ends. Aesthetically this veneer fits together tighter and installs slightly faster.

Do you need a weird angle that no one can make solid corners for? We have a solution for you! We can produce corners at any custom angle needed out of solid stone.

Veneer End Options

Solid stone corners really set your project apart and make your thin veneer look like full dimensional stone at a fraction of the weight or cost.

Pictured rocks blend straight end shadow stone

Split end shadow stone